The Rudolphstichting stands up for children and young adults in need. It initiates and facilitates innovative care and support structures for children and teenagers with mental and physical handicaps, as well as health, psychiatric and behavioural problems. The mission of the Rudolphstichting is to give these children and teenagers a life that is as normal as possible, despite their limitations, and to stimulate their development and mental wellbeing.

One of the main goals of de Rudolphstichting is to guard and keep the rights of children and young people. From this point of view de Rudolphstichting wants to give opportunity’s to young European people to experience how they can contribute to the well being of peers.

The Rudolphstichting is a participant of several European financed and youth focused projects. Living and working at the small village Jeugddorp De Glind, contributes in various ways to the learning process of the volunteer.

There are four places where you can work as a volunteer:

- A family group of 's Heeren Loo (cares for children and young people with (severe) mental handicap(s)

- A family home of Intermetzo (a home for 4 - 6 children whose parents can’t take care of them)

- The recreation team (for the children and teenagers who live in De Glind

- Dok 14, the restaurant (including the Restaurantschool) of parish hall of De Glind, called the Gindster

Because De Glind is quite isolated, you are always placed with other volunteers. Together you live in a house in De Glind. You have your own bedroom and share the living room, kitchen and bathroom/toilet. You can walk or cycle to your workplace. A bicycle is provided.

Sent your CV and your motivation to the coordinating organisation :

De Rudolphstichting biedt uit huis geplaatste kinderen een inspirerende en veilige leefomgeving door vernieuwende zorgprojecten.