It takes a village to raise a child. This saying is especially applicable for our village. Approx. 130 children that are outplaced by juvenile court or youth welfare are living, in our village, together with just ordinary people and professionals. For more than 100 years De Glind is specialised in nursing and helping children in need. If you are interested in this kind of work, we invite you to explore this page.

The Rudolphstichting [Rudolphfoundation] stands up for children and young adults in need. It initiates and facilitates innovative care & support structures for children & teenagers with mental and physical handicaps, as well as health, psychiatric and behavioural problems. The mission of Rudolphstichting is to give these children and teenagers a life that is as normal as possible, despite their limitations, and to stimulate their development and mental wellbeing.

The Rudolphstichting facilitates and maintains Jeugddorp De Glind. (Jeugddorp means youth village in Dutch). De Glind is a small village community where several organisations offer care and support to children and young adults in need. De Glind is unique, because it provides (residential) care to approx. 130 children in a normal village setting. De Glind has lots of leisure facilities, such as a children’s farm, an outdoor swimming pool and lots of playgrounds. In De Glind children can develop in a positive way by learning how to play, live and work as part of a community.

The Rudolphstichting owns most of the buildings in Jeugddorp De Glind and rents these to organisations, which are all committed to providing the best possible care and support to children with a wide variety of problems. For example, there are family homes for mentally disabled as well as normal intelligent children and teenagers who can no longer live at home and a hospice where terminally-ill children are cared for in the last phase of their life.

The organisations for youth care developed a shared vision for helping the children. Their main objective is to restore normal life and give the children a chance to regain self-esteem. That is why we form a community with four dimensions. Bed, bread and family life, school education, leisure time activities and the community its self for social development.

The Rudolphstichting is a foundation of almost 900 churches that are part of the Protestant Church in The Netherlands. They are the members of the Rudolphstichting, supporting its work and providing financial backing. One of the main goals of the Rudolphstichting is to guard and keep the Rights of children and young people. From this point of view de Rudolphstichting wants to give opportunities to young European people to experience how they can contribute to the wellbeing of peers. The Rudolphstichting is a participant of several European financed and youth focused projects [de Wijde Mantel, Dorpshuis de Glindster] and feels it as an opportunity to give something back to the European community.

Living and working at Jeugddorp De Glind contributes in various ways to the learning process of the volunteer. The most important expected service and learning opportunities are:

  • the volunteer will improve his/her capacities, knowledge and skills in the area of guiding, motivating and interacting with children with a mental handicap and/or behavioural problems.
  • the volunteer will know more about the Dutch care system for children with problematic backgrounds and the care vision of Jeugddorp De Glind.
  • the volunteer is able to communicate and work with people from different backgrounds.
  • the volunteer will become more independent and able to run his/her own household.
  • the volunteer can understand and speak Dutch.

    Because De Glind is quite isolated, you are always placed with other volunteers. Together you live in a house in De Glind. You have your own bedroom and share the living room, kitchen and bathroom/toilet. You can walk or cycle to your workplace. A bicycle is provided. Being a volunteer in de Glind means also that the volunteer takes part in the village life and events and its organisation. We expect you to integrate in the village and to fulfill a role model in your behaviour. Own initiatives are welcome to enrich the communitylife. If needed, we support you.

    There are 4 places where you can work as a volunteer for twelve months. Next we describe our possibilities. When you are interested in one of the places to fulfill a whole year volunteership, you may apply by sending an email to the coordinating organisation Rock Solid in Lunteren. Look at this page:

    Detailed information can be found in the following document.

    De Rudolphstichting heeft compassie voor kwetsbare kinderen en wenst dat elk uithuisgeplaatst kind de kans krijgt om op te groeien tot een zelfredzame en evenwichtige volwassene.