In the Glind there are four placements for the volunteer in different familyhomes. One of the volunteers will also partly work in the recreation team in the villagecentre.Taking into consideration your preferences, we as an organization will make the final choice of who will work where, depending on the match between the skills and abilities of the volunteers and the characteristics of the position and the profile of the familyhomes.

The education assistant for the family parents will work within a family home.

Here a family with their own children lives and work together with 4 or 6 children who are placed from their home because their own parents can’t take care of a proper education, victims of domestic violence, sexually abused, or children with light psychyatric defiances like PDD or ADHD. Familyhome parents are 24/7 busy educating the children. For a volunteer this means that you will work with an irragular daily schedule for working time. The volunteer will work as an assistant educator in cooperation with the family parents; this will take place mainly on hours when the children are at home after school and in the evening.

The volunteer will be also asked to participate in village activities like Sinterklaas (5th of December) and Kings day (27th of April) Winter walks etc.

The volunteer’s tasks are:

- helping the family parents with the complete daily care for the children and


•- organizing extra activities for the children and teenagers, for example going to the playground, listening to music, doing something creative, baking cookies      etc. when necessary, accompany the children going to school or sport/recreation activities

- • small household chores: tidying the house, doing the washing, preparing the table

for breakfast/lunch/dinner and helping out with cooking.

As a recreation assistant you will work within a team of recreation employees, who offer every day a number of activities, for the leisure and recreation of the children and young adults in De Glind. These activities vary from creative hour through music/drum lessons to various sports. Mainly after school time, these activities are organised at the town center De Glindster. The accommodation offers two gyms, a dojo (for judo lessons), a creative room and a music room. In the village there is also a football field where weekly practical training lessons are organised. For all these activities you will be set in as an assistant who will help the children/young adults to benefit their partaking in a proper way.

Sent your CV and your motivation to the coordinating organisation :

De Rudolphstichting heeft compassie voor kwetsbare kinderen en wenst dat elk uithuisgeplaatst kind de kans krijgt om op te groeien tot een zelfredzame en evenwichtige volwassene.